Accepted Papers

  1. Tony Sloane. Profile-based Abstraction and Analysis of Attribute Grammar Evaluation
  2. Bilal Kanso and Safouan Taha. Temporal constraint Support for OCL
  3. Lijesh Krishnan and Eric Van Wyk. Termination Analysis for Higher-Order Attribute Grammars
  4. Alessandro Barenghi, Ermes Viviani, Stefano Crespi Reghizzi, Dino Mandrioli and Matteo Pradella. PAPAGENO: a parallel parser generator for operator precedence grammars
  5. Tijs Van Der Storm, William Cook and Alex Loh. Object grammars
  6. Francisco Duran, Steffen Zschaler and Javier Troya. On the Reusable Specification of Non-functional Properties in DSLs
  7. Jokin García, Oscar Diaz and Maider Azanza. Model Transformation Co-evolution: a Semi-automatic Approach
  8. Anthony Anjorin, Karsten Saller, Sebastian Rose and Andy Schürr. A Framework for Bidirectional Model-to-Platform Transformations
  9. Benoit Baudry, Frédéric Boulanger, Benoît Combemale, Cécile Hardebolle and Christophe Jacquet. Bridging the Chasm between Executable Metamodeling and Models of Computation
  10. Andrew Stevenson and James R. Cordy. Grammatical Inference in Software Engineering: an Overview of the State of the Art
  11. Ali Afroozeh, Jean-Christophe Bach, Mark Van Den Brand, Adrian Johnstone, Maarten Manders, Pierre-Etienne Moreau and Elizabeth Scott. Island Grammar-based Parsing using GLL and Tom
  12. Jesús Sánchez Cuadrado, Esther Guerra and Juan De Lara. The Program is the Model: Enabling {emailcloak=off}Transformations@run.time
  13. Lorenzo Bettini, Serano Colameo, Dietmar Stoll and Markus Völter. Approaches and Tools for Implementing Type Systems in Xtext Withdrawn
  14. Mark Hills, Paul Klint and Jurgen Vinju. Meta-Language Support for Type-Safe Access to External Resources
  15. Gabriël Konat, Lennart Kats, Guido Wachsmuth and Eelco Visser. Language-Parametric Name Resolution Based on Declarative Name Binding and Scope Rules
  16. Wisam Al Abed, Valentin Bonnet, Matthias Schöttle, Omar Alam and Jörg Kienzle. TouchRAM: A Multitouch-Enabled Tool for Aspect-Oriented Software Design
  17. Sebastian Erdweg, Tillmann Rendel, Christian Kaestner and Klaus Ostermann. Layout-sensitive Generalized Parsing
  18. Magdalena Widl, Armin Biere, Petra Brosch, Uwe Egly, Marijn Heule, Gerti Kappel, Martina Seidl and Hans Tompits. Guided Merging of Sequence Diagrams
  19. Ted Kaminski and Eric Van Wyk. Modular well-definedness analysis for attribute grammars