Awards Winners

Distinguished Research Paper Award

  • Domain-specific model differencing in visual concrete syntax, Manouchehr Zadahmad, Eugene Syriani, Omar Alam, Esther Guerra, Juan de Lara

Distinguished Vision Paper Award

  • Breaking Parsers: Mutation-based Generation of Programs with Guaranteed Syntax Errors, Moeketsi Raselimo, Jan Taljaard, Bernd Fischer

Distinguished Reviewer Award

  • Elizabeth Scott, Royal Holloway University of London

SLE MIP Award 2018

  • Analyzing Rule-Based Behavioral Semantics of Visual Modeling Languages with Maude, José Eduardo Rivera, Esther Guerra, Juan de Lara, Antonio Vallecillo. SLE 2008

SLE MIP Award 2019

  • Composing Feature Models, Mathieu Acher, Philippe Collet, Philippe Lahire, Robert B. France. SLE 2009

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