Note that the PDF of the full proceedings is available online.

Monday, September 15th
08:30 Welcome
09:00 Keynote I: Colin Atkinson
10:00 Break
10:30 Grammars
Origin Tracking in Attribute Grammars, K. Williams, E. Van Wyk
Respect Your Parents: How Attribution and Rewriting Can Get Along, T.Sloane, M. Roberts, L. Hamey
Simple, efficient, sound-and-complete combinator parsing for all context-free grammars, using an oracle, T. Ridge
Bounded Islands, J. Kurs, M. Lungu, O. Nierstrasz
12:30 Lunch
14:00 DSL Editor
Towards User-Friendly Projectional Editors, M. Voelter, J. Siegmund, T. Berger and B. Kolb
Eco: a Language Composition Editor, L. Diekmann, L. Tratt
Evaluating the usability of a visual notation when developing new feature models, A. Jaksic, R. France, P. Collet and S. Ghoshb
16:00 DSL specification
Unifying and Generalizing Relations in Role-Based Data Modeling and Navigation, D. Harkes, E. Visserr
A Metamodel Family for Role-based Modeling and Programming Languages, T. Kühn, M. Leuthäuser, S. Götz, Christoph Seidl and U. Aßmann
Streamlining Control Flow Graph Construction with DCFlow, M. Hills
17:30 Session End
18:30 Welcome reception (18:30 - 20:30)

Tuesday, September 16th
09:00 Keynote II: Nikolai Tillman
10:00 Break
10:30 Model Transformations
fUML as an Assembly Language for Model Transformation,M. Tisi, F. Jouault, J. Delatour, Z. Saidi, H. Choura
Dynamic Scope Discovery for Model Transformations, M. Jukss, C. Verbrugge, D. Varro and H. Vangheluwe
ProMoBox: A Framework for Generating Domain-Specific Property Languages, B. Meyers, R. Deshayes, L. Lucio, E. Syriani, M. Wimmer, H. Vangheluwe
12:00 SLE Education Panel
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Validation and Verification
The Moldable Debugger: a Framework for Developing Domain-Specific Debuggers, A. Chis, T. Girba and O. Nierstrasz
A SAT-based Debugging Tool for State Machines and Sequence Diagrams, P. Kaufmann, M. Kronegger, A. Pfandler, M. Seidl, M. Widl
Model Checking of CTL-Extended OCL Specifications, S. Gabmeyer, R. Bill, M. Seidl, P. Kaufmann
15:30 Break
16:00 Tool papers
Monto: A Disintegrated Development Environment, T.Sloane, M. Roberts, S. Buckley, S. Muscat
Test-data generation for Xtext with Xtextgen, J. Hartel, L. Hartel, R. Laemmel
AIOCJ: A Choreographic Framework for Safe Adaptive Distributed Applications, M. D. Preda, M. Gabbrielli, S. Giallorenzo, I. Lanese, J. Maurio
17:30 Closing remarks