Education of language engineers


This 45min (short!) panel is about the role of software language engineering in CS curricula. In very few places, designated SLE courses are installed. In a few more places, related courses on compiler construction, domain-specific languages, or model-driven engineering are installed. In most places, no courses like this are installed or they are non-mandatory or they are only covered in the Master. From a pro-SLE point of view, this situation suggests two major discussion topics. Firstly, what are viable options for curriculum adaptation so that more curricula in more places have a modest language engineering course for many students? Secondly, how are diverse existing courses on topics in the neighborhood of the SLE topic to be adapted so that elements of language engineering gently crosscut diverse courses and reaches most students perhaps even at the Bachelor level?


  • What is SLE anyway from a student’s point of view?
  • Experiences with existing SLE-ish course installations
  • Is this even the goal – designated SLE courses?
  • That is, is there a correspondence of conferences and courses?
  • What are the courses that should be enriched by SLE material?


  • 2min intro by moderator
  • 2-3min statement per panelist
  • 30mins moderated comments, questions, answers