Monday, September 29, 2008

Session 1: Welcome and Keynote

  • Software Language Engineering: Chartin’ the Map
    Anneke Kleppe

Session 2: Language and Tool Analysis and Evaluation

  • Evaluating the Visual Syntax of UML: Improving the Cognitive Effectiveness of the UML Family of Diagrams
    Daniel Moody, Jos van Hillegersberg
  • Neon: a library for language usage analysis
    Jurriaan Hage, Peter van Keeken
  • Analyzing Rule-Based Behavioral Semantics of Visual Modeling Languages with Maude
    Jose Rivera, Esther Guerra, Juan de Lara, Antonio Vallecillo

Session 3: Concrete and Abstract Syntax

  • Parse Table Composition - Separate Compilation and Binary Extensibility of Grammars
    Martin Bravenboer, Eelco Visser
  • Practical Scope Recovery using Bridge Parsing
    Emma Nilsson-Nyman, TorbjOrn Ekman, Gorel Hedin
  • Generating Rewritable Abstract Syntax Trees: A Foundation for the Rapid Development of Source Code Transformation Tools
    Jeffrey Overbey, Ralph Johnson

Session 4: Language Engineering Techniques

  • Systematic Usage of Embedded Modelling Languages in Model Transformation Chains
    Mathias Fritzsche, Jendrik Johannes, Uwe Assmann, Simon Mitschke, Wasif Gilani, Ivor Spence, John Brown, Peter Kilpatrick
  • Engineering a DSL for Software Traceability
    Nicholas Drivalos, Dimitrios Kolovos, Richard Paige, Kiran Fernandes
  • Towards an Incremental Update Approach for Concrete Textual Syntaxes for UUID-Based Model Repositories
    Thomas Goldschmidt
  • A Model Engineering Approach to Tool Interoperability
    Yu Sun, Zekai Demirezen, Frederic Jouault, Robert Tairas, Jeff Gray

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Session 5: Keynote

  • Model-driven Engineering meets Generic Language Technology
    Mark van den Brand

Session 6: Language Integration and Transformation

  • Engineering languages for specifying product-derivation processes in Software Product Lines
    Pablo Sanchez, Neil Loughran, Alessandro Garcia, Lidia Fuentes
  • Transformation Language Integration based on Profiles and Higher Order Transformations
    Pieter Van Gorp, Anne Keller, Dirk Janssens
  • Formalization and Rule-Based Transformation of EMF Ecore-Based Models
    Bernhard Schaetz

Session 7: Language Implementation and Analysis

  • A Practical Evaluation of Using TXL for Model Transformation
    Hongzhi Liang, Juergen Dingel
  • DeFacto: Language-Parametric Fact Extraction from Source Code
    Bas Basten, Paul Klint
  • A Case Study In Grammar Engineering
    Tiago Alves, Joost Visser

Session 8: Language Engineering Pearls

  • A language description for Sudoku
    Terje Gjosaeter, Ingelin Isfeldt, Andreas Prinz
  • The Java Programmer’s Phrase Book
    Einar Host, Bjarte Ostvold