Keynote - Shigeru Chiba

People do not want to learn a new language but a new library.

Shigeru Chiba, University of Tokyo, Japan


One day, a student raised a question. I spent many years to learn a programming language. Why do you try to develop yet another language? I don’t wanna learn no more language. One is enough! My answer was, well, don’t you hate to learn a new library, either? People seem to accept learning a new library as necessary work although they might not be happy to learn a new language (they might not be very happy to learn a new library, either, but they seem much happier). However, a modern library is something we should consider as a programming language. During this talk, I will survey technology around language-like libraries, which are often called embedded domain specific languages. Then I will present my vision of where we, programming-language researchers, should go for further study.


Shigeru Chiba is Professor at Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo. After internship at XEROX Palo Alto Research Center, he received his PhD degree from The University of Tokyo in 1996. While doing research on programming languages, particularly, reflection, meta programming, and aspect orientation, he has been developing several software products. For example, his Java bytecode engineering library named Javassist has been widely used in both academia and industry. This work recently won AITO Test of Time Award 2000 in 2020. He is also the author of several Japanese books for practitioners and students.


December 7th, 9:00-10:00